Track 3 - Task 1 - Colormatch

Task 1 - Colormatch - On each level the first try is simply a learning experience. At that point you do not know what colors are behind each window so you have to explore to match up the colors. However, exploration always goes better if it is planned and structured. The tendency for most people is to just click windows here and there and try to guess the matches. But, if a person started in the upper left corner and went window by window across each row and then progressed from top to bottom, just the structure of this method would help to match up the colors better. Then, once the colors are matched, some time must be spent studying the patterns of the matches and in making a specific plan as to how to put the colors back in on the next try. You cannot pass this task unless you can put the colors back in without making any errors. The moral to this is that if you have a plan for exploring, use some structure in how you go about learning information, make good use of study time and make a plan for recalling information, you will do better in everything you try to do whether it is school work, business or just ordinary daily things.

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